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Metglas and Nanomaterials are thin amorphous ribbons that use more silicon than electrical steel (typically 9 to 15%) to reduce core loss further. They are produced by cooling a molten metal over a rotating copper drum.  Metglas offers low core loss in the 1000 Hz to 20,000 Hz range while Nanomaterials extend the range to 100,000 Hz. The thickness of the ribbon is about 0.001 inches; its width can be up to about 6 inches. They can be supplied in ribbon rolls, but users should preferably purchase the toroids, C cores, etc made by the manufacturer since their properties are sensitive to stress and annealing. They are generally used to build single-phase transformers and inductors.  For a full list of all grades, click the searchable ‘Steels List’ button on the home page.

Version 6 collects B(H) and Core Loss properties of each grade in a single excel file.  MagWeb’s Metglas & Nano Folder has 56 excel files listing the magnetic properties of these materials, produced by 4 manufacturers.  They contain 30 B(H) magnetization data sets and 26 Core Loss data sets.  For a full list of commercial names of all these materials, please click ‘Steels List’ on the home page.  

Version 6 also added a data smoother. It is not unusual for measured data to be rough. Rough data can slow solution convergence.  To prevent such slowdown, MagWeb locates all rough spots in all raw data and spot-cleans them.  Version 6 also extrapolated all smoothed data to saturation. You can download Saturation Flux Density Js of thousands of Grades from the ‘Steels List’.

By downloading this folder you will have 56 files on magnetic properties of all Metglas and Nanocrystalline materials produced worldwide at your fingertips!. 

Please review the ‘Steels Handbook’ from the home page for more technical information on the magnetic properties of these novel materials. 

This website is designed for the automated download of folders via credit card. If you wish to purchase via quote/purchase order, please email


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