PMAG Visualizer

PMAG Visualizer can display about 5000 demagnetization curves of permanent magnet grades produced around the world. 
It displays them in three different forms:
PMAG also displays the temperature dependency of five different parameters:
Both SMAG and PMAG visualizers have the following powerful interactive visualization tools :
Subscribers can access and compare the property curves of thousands of grades by entering them in the ‘Search’ page and clicking ‘Visualize’. They can also download the following by clicking respective links in the plots page:

*Safe Operating Range (SOR) is the range in which a Permanent Magnet can be operated safely.  A magnet operating in SOR will not cause a permanent reduction in a PM motor’s power rating.  Outside SOR, such permanent reduction will be caused by irreversible demagnetization of the magnet. Severe duties, such as overloads, overheated magnets or short-circuits can cause such performance reductions in PM motors.  A knee point k on magnet’s B(H) demagnetization curve determines the SOR. Determining the coordinates of k and visualizing the SOR are unique features of PMAG. You can use the visualized SOR to protect against a permanent reduction of a PM motor’s power.