About MagWeb

Modern civilization would not have been possible without magnetic materials (e.g.,electrical steels, magnets). You are using them all the time – from large multi MW generators that produce electricity, to transformers that bring it to your home, to the car you drive to your office, to the loudspeakers in your favorite TV show– all of them use magnetic materials.

When you design – say a traction motor for an electric vehicle or a power supply inductor- your product is only as good as the magnetic materials that you employ. Diverse manufacturers offer thousands of Grades; some are of good magnetic quality, some are mediocre, many may not match your need.  You gain a competitive edge by discovering and using only best quality Grade.  But the challenge is, how do you evaluate them, and discover the best grade?

To discover the best grade, you need tools that can compare their magnetic property curves visually, and quickly.

Over the past 30 years, MagWeb has made an encyclopedic curated collection of magnetic properties of all magnetic materials that are produced around the world.  Now this proprietary database can be accessed visually, 

  • SMAG Visualizer compares side by side the magnetic property curves of soft magnetic material Grades,
  • PMAG Visualizer: compares side by side the demagnetization property curves of hard magnetic material Grades (permanent magnets). 
  • Both visualizers are interactive – you can read the performance of any Grade at any operating point of your machine.

This MagWeb Website presents you these SMAG and PMAG tools which are critical for evaluating the magnetic materials for your machine. By using them, you can discover the optimal magnetic materials that match your requirements.