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Dr. Dantam Rao, Technical Director, MagWeb, is  an Senior Electromechanical Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in all soft and hard magnetic materials and in the design of Electric Machines. He earned his Ph. D in 1971 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, Dr. Rao has wide several leading organizations such as Wright Patterson AFB, General Electric etc.  He has wide background in Electric Motor Design, Magnetic Materials, Permanent Magnetic Materials, Electromagnetics, Insulating Materials, Thermal Management and Inductor and Transformer Design.

Dr. Rao is conversant finite element magnetic field software packages such as MAXWELL, COSMOS, MagNet and drawing packages such as  SOLIDWORKS. AUTOCAD and  NX and software such as Python, Flask, Django, WordPress.

For over 15 years he managed a 7-employeed firm involved in development of torque-dense electric motors and low-loss transformers and inductors.  He also worked on large multi-megawatt generator design for General Electric. He as a holder of Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship in West Germany.  He was a consultant to a number of electric power companies around the world.  He holds 20 patents in electric machines and inductors.

Dr. Dantam Rao is available for consultancy on selection of magnetic materials or design of electric machines, transformers or power supply components.  Please call Dr. Rao at 214-432-4594 or email at to utilize his expertise in solving your problems.