MagWeb Products that you can use

For Electric Machine Design Software Developers in need of Magnetic Material Databases:

Over past 20 years, we have developed the MagWeb database, comprising curated magnetic properties of thousands of soft and hard magnetic materials.  Your magnetic field software will be of greater value to your customers if you integrate the MagWeb database. Then your customers will be freed from the mundane but tedious task of searching for reliable BH curves and core loss curves and manually inputting them.  The users will value your software more as they can examine the impact of changing a magnetic material on the performance with few clicks.

If you have too few number of B-H curves built into the software, you are at a competitive disadvantage.  Then you should consider integrating MagWeb database so your customers can access any of the thousands of magnetic materials from within the software.  You can incorporate a proprietary version of the MagWeb database specifically tailored into your own magnetic field software.

To understand MagWeb’s products, we invite you to examine the MagWeb Handbooks and Manuals that are available under ‘resources’.  We do hope that you will recognize the value of integrating magnetic material database into your software seamlessly which ultimately benefits your customers.

MagWeb is available at a very affordable licensing package.  To license full or segments of the MagWeb databases, please call us at (214) 432-7594 or email us at

For Electrical Machine Designers in need of Magnetic Properties :

Optimal selection of magnetic material for electric machines has so far been handicapped by lack of a comprehensive curated database of magnetic material properties of a variety of grades produced worldwide.

MagWeb is a curated magnetic material property database that fills this gap. It contains tens of thousands of magnetic property curves of all varieties of soft and hard magnetic materials.  Soft magnetic materials include electrical steels (both grain oriented and non-grain oriented), cobalt steels, Metglas and Nano,  stainless steels, carbon steels etc. Hard magnetic materials include Neo magnets, Samarium Cobalt magnets, Alnico magnets etc. 

We invite you to examine the MagWeb Handbooks and Manuals available under ‘resources’ to gather a overview of variety of magnetic materials that can be used in your machines.  We do hope that you will recognize the value of our visualizers in evaluating and discovering the magnetic materials for your machine. MagWeb visualizers are available at a very affordable subscriptions.   Try them now, or give us a call at 214-432-7594 or email us at rao@magweb. us.

For Manufacturers in need of Visualizers:

We can develop a custom interactive visualizer that displays the magnetic properties of your grades! By displaying the B(H) curves, Core Loss Curves, or demagnetization curves of all your grades on your website in this modern fashion, your customers can determine the right grade with few clicks. You can gain more customers if they can spot the right grade on the web!

Your custom visualizer can be tailored to your specific needs. You can control the ‘look and feel’ of the visualizer by choosing the fonts, colors, the position of the logo, the size of the plot, public/password protection etc.  For more info on this visualizer development service, please email to: